Investing by connecting

As pioneers of Connective Capital, we believe investors can be more than capital allocators. They can be value creators.

Who we are

Echo's edge

We are a multi-strategy investment firm that connects overlooked domestic resources and infrastructure with world-class founders, ideas, and capital to generate exceptional financial and social returns.

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Unlocking American innovation and making a difference

We are investors.

Our strategic portfolio includes more than $1 billion in capital deployed across private equity holdings and emerging companies and ventures in industries ripe for disruption.

Our investments

We are partners.

Our multi-disciplinary team of investors, operators, and advisors work in collaboration with founders, partners, and communities to solve problems across core pillars of the economy.

Our team

We are value creators.

Using Connective Capital, we leverage untapped domestic resources and incentive-aligned partnerships to catalyze American innovation and create real value for stakeholders. As a result, everyone wins.

Our philosophy

When the best of academia, industry, policy, and infrastructure align - and investment capital is thoughtfully deployed as a connector - lasting financial and societal gains are not only possible, they are inevitable.


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