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Through the lens of our platform company Prairie Surf Media, learn how we leveraged untapped infrastructure and a ready workforce to solve challenges for filmmakers.

The problem

An increasingly apparent challenge for today’s filmmakers is addressing the rising cost of production while also keeping pace with rising demand for content. This continues to drive the film industry’s trend toward destinations outside of traditional Hollywood or New York.

The solution

Founded in 2020 by film industry veterans with leading investment from Echo, Prairie Surf Media is a multi-platform production and creative partner in the strategic center of the country that supports all phases and facets of production for creators anywhere.

Located in a transformed former convention center in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, Prairie Surf Studios facilitates first rate productions through seasoned industry expertise, key vendor partnerships, vast knowledge and understanding of public incentives, and access to prime infrastructure and a ready local workforce. This includes the largest sound stage in the Midwest.

Beyond offering an attractive, welcoming, and ready destination for creators to undergo their next Blockbuster production, Prairie Surf’s creative division is elevating Oklahoma stories with national appeal. Since official launch in 2023, Prairie Surf Creative has partnered with some of the largest companies and organizations in the state and delivered high-impact narratives, documentarian work, and original content to amplify community and empower storytelling.

As a whole, Prairie Surf is solving for much more than a cost-effective destination to film such hits as Tulsa King, Reservation Dogs, Reagan, and Twisters. Through local partnerships that include the Film Education Institute of Oklahoma, the company is helping train up the next generation of storytellers and developing and readying the local workforce to further support the needs of the film industry.

With full-scale production capabilities, Hollywood know-how, and attractive amenities all conveniently located in the center of the country, Prairie Surf is solving real challenges for filmmakers while also developing the next generation of the industry’s workforce and storytellers.

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