Community builder to oversee $15 million investment fund focused on minority start-ups

A veteran northeast Oklahoma City community builder is overseeing a new $15 million investment fund established to promote minority owned start-ups.

Sandino Thompson, backed by Echo, an investment firm founded by Christian Kanady, said the new impact firm is structured to focus on “high opportunity” ventures in east and south Oklahoma City. The firm is starting with $1.5 million from Echo with the goal of raising $15 million.

“I am not a venture capitalist by nature,” Thompson said. “This fund is actually focused on the idea of how do we think about capital creating social returns and economic returns? It’s focused on building businesses in Oklahoma. It will be focused on minority, Black and brown, women-owned businesses and industry.” 

As a partner and managing director of Echo’s Impact investing, Thompson brings more than 20 years managing multimillion-dollar commercial and residential construction projects. He has extensive involvement in community and economic development initiatives focused on neighborhood stability and revitalization, including the Eastpoint retail development along NE 23.

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