At Echo, we believe making money and doing good are not mutually exclusive.

Echo Impact is more than an investment strategy aimed at financial returns – it’s a mandate at the core of our mission as investors, partners, and community builders.

Echo Impact is anchored on the philosophy that social and financial returns can and should be intertwined.

Focused on unlocking industry-aligned innovation and fostering long-term economic growth, Echo Impact aims to invest in and incubate solutions that empower, build, and improve overlooked communities and drive inclusive development as Oklahoma City’s momentum continues to pick up speed in its ongoing renaissance story.

Our strategy is designed to advance industry-focused, economic inclusion that will further benefit underrepresented neighborhoods and their unrealized intrinsic value.


Our companies

Partnering with builders creating transformational economic and societal value, we invest in and build companies across four main verticals: energy, life science, national security, and media & entertainment.