Connective Capital

Our philosophy for investing is guided by mutual benefit as part of a strategy we pioneered.

Connective Capital

How it works

Connect leaders

from communities, business, infrastructure, education, and policy.

Build partnerships

around a shared vision for collaboration in growth industries ripe for technological disruption.

Develop comparative advantages

that solve problems for industry-specific areas of innovation such as cost, knowledge, and capacity.

Deliver returns

through clusters of comparative advantages that then drive a virtuous cycle of mutual benefit.


Echo’s leadership and partnership is essential to the advancement of new verticals in our region. Their work developing hubs of activity and resources around biotech, film, creative industries, and the energy market has helped create an environment where Oklahoma City competes and is noticed on a global scale.

Case Studies

Industry examples

Case study

Prairie Surf

Located in the strategic center of the country, Prairie Surf Media is a multi-production and creative partner to filmmakers and communities.
Case study

Wheeler Bio

The gap between drug discovery and development, that Wheeler Bio addresses, has long been an obstacle for emerging biopharma companies.